When you begin playing this slot game, it would remind you of a drink you had when you were younger.  The machine's color is purple and includes a lot of fruit in the design, which seems to tell me that it was intended more for the women and younger men.  A significant feature of this machine is that it contains a random jackpot and is a five reel twenty five slot machine.

This slot machine also offers a bonus round but in order to avail it you need to at least get 5 simultaneously and also involves shooting the daredevil.  There are also scatter wins that you can acquire in the shape of the fruit icon but again you need five in order to have some value. We started playing the slot machine with the lowest bets but using the maximum lines that on total is equal to twenty five cents per spin. Honestly speaking, the game is actually quite funny.  You will notice the standard audio renditions when spinning plus the addition of a couple of funny tunes if you win.

The graphics on the slot machine is okay despite a barrage of colors.  You can expect a lot of similar fruit icons and is not that difficult to get your first five in a row win.  We decided to up the stakes quite a bit and took out a fifty cent per spin bet.  This was a significant raise but to no avail. We have to admit that we could have lost more money if this was a 20 line slot but we feel that we were still luckier having chosen to play on this slot machine.