Blackjack as we all know is one of the most popular casino games. Not much is know to us about its history and origin. Yet online blackjack history gives us lot of relevant details about it. It is quite difficult to say where and when exactly it had started.

Online blackjack history tell us that the most common belief about the origin of the Blackjack Jugar is that it had started in France. It is said that is has its roots in France and had started around the 17th century. It was called "Vingt et un". This means twenty one. It is still not clear if this was the origin but the new blackjack definitely resembles the "Vingt et un".

Blackjack has a special payout after a hand and this got its name from the old French format says online blackjack history. This special payout was made after players got twenty one points. Even now picture cards and Ace still make the best hand for blackjack players.

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Online blackjack history also gives us another side to the origin of the game. A similar game was played in Italy. It was called seven and half. This was also around the 17th century. This was played with some cards on the deck. The goal of this game was to reach seven and half points just like the twenty one points in blackjack. If they crossed seven points then they went bust, just like how it is done in the present blackjack game.

Online blackjack history gives us information that the game of blackjack reached America only after the French revolution. This was a great boost to the popularity of the game. At this point of time there were no restrictions in America regarding gaming. Hence it increased in popularity big time. Later the government banned gambling which again led to the soar in the popularity of the game. Thus blackjack became one of the most sought after under ground games and a one with lot of potential towards profit. This is what the online blackjack history provides us with, insight towards the game.